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current exhibitions - milano

Anticàmera 2017

13th january 2018 - 25th february 2018

Anticàmera 2017 is the homonymous photographic book edited by Anticàmera, a Milanese location scouting agency. A limited edition, this “voluminous” business card represents the starting number zero of a large photographic research project around the concept of place.  And that by starting from the theme of space, each volume takes its shape from year to year within a specific genre.

 Anticàmera 2018 is a book with an essay by Angelo Flaccavento and also an exhibition of photographs that introduce new works and the imagination of the Anticàmera agency. This volume contains the selected places, the photographic ideas, the narrative approach and the aesthetics of Anticàmera's work.

 The selection of photographs includes some shots made for previous projects curated or commissioned by Anticàmera and other new ones properly selected for this book, realized by 29 photographers who alternate eye and environments, poetics and unpublished details: Kira Bunse, Gaia Cambiaggi, Dario Catellani, Tag Christof, Roberto Conte, Bea De Giacomo, Paolo Di Lucente, Andrea Ferrari, Alessandro Furchino Capria, Stefano Galuzzi, Stefan Giftthaler, Giulio Ghirardi, Martina Giammaria, Adrianna Glaviano, Estelle Hanania, Hill & Aubrey, Romain Laprade, Allegra Martin, Carlotta Manaigo, Piotr Niepsuj, Ilaria Orsini, Edoardo Pasero, Maciek Pozoga, Leonardo Scotti, Scandebergs, Federico Torra, Fabrizio Vatieri, Camille Vivier, Claudia Zalla.

 The presentation of the volume Anticàmera 2017 is accompanied by a selection of photographs taken from the book, on view at the Galleria Carla Sozzani bookshop.